Apprentice Silversmithing Meets Moissanite Gemstones

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Everyone has an artistic side to them, and one method of expression is crafting silver jewelry. If this sounds like something that you would be interested in learning more about, it is possible for you to begin with a minimal investment of time and money.

Silversmithing toolsFor some, silversmithing remains a hobby while others choose to take their work to the next level and sell it to others. If you believe you may go this route, make sure you follow all of the laws and regulations regarding your processes. For instance, some communities allow citizens to operate such small businesses from home while others do not. Additionally, if you choose to start a legitimate business, you will want to manage your paperwork and finances to reflect that.

Working With Moissanite and Other Materials

Along the way, you will need to decide what other materials you want to work with. However, in the beginning, working with silver alone should provide you plenty of practice.

You can find videos and tutorials online to help guide you in learning basic techniques and tricks for each type of silversmithing project you choose to undertake.

As your skill level progresses, you’ll be able to carve out and eventually produce items containing gemstones such as moissanite, ruby, sapphires and turquoise.

Independent metal smiths from Hollywood renowned designers like Neil Lane to smaller independants have incorporated their refined skill sets and veered off into more expensive moissanite jewelry production. Who once frequented silver jewelry tradeshows, Gerry The Jeweler, has taken his moissanite engagement rings collection to market via his website, and is competing with the big boys on a global scale.

It all depends which level you want to take this to.

Starting Out – Entry Level Stuff

Silversmithing - Book

Avaible from Fine Suppliers Like Rio Grande and Stuller

One of the wisest investments in starting out is a good book. Check out ‘Silversmithing and Art Metal’ by Murray Bovin. Available at and

Perhaps the easiest form for beginners to work with is clay. No, not silver-colored polymer clay! Reputable online craft distributors have sterling silver clay compounds that mold very similarly to polymer clays. However, when baked, what remains is a sterling silver piece in the shape and slightly smaller size than you created.

With these products, you can use the same tools and equipment from your polymer clay crafts to minimize the amount of money you need to invest at the start. You can create lovely and unique pendants and so much more with this one technique. Additionally, you can practice applying staining agents and other techniques to further enhance the final appearance of the project.

If you do not have any high-quality clay tools or want to work with a different type of silver, you need to be sure that you always use good equipment. Although you might get discount pliers somewhere, they will crink your metal in an unattractive way and cause frustration time and again.

Learning the Lingo!

You will also need to know the terminology associated with jewelry making in general, and silversmithing in particular. After all, if you are reading directions for a project, you do not want to stop a dozen times to search for new words!

Additionally, you should set up a dedicated area to your silver jewelry making endeavors where no children or pets will disrupt the items. If you need to lock a door or rework some of your existing space to make this happen, do so. The last thing you want is cat hair sticking out of your final project that you intended to sell online!

Get Inspired – Don’t Plagiarize!

Although it is acceptable and expected for artisans to learn from each other, it is rarely okay to copy the designs and techniques of another for your own profit. So, if you are watching a tutorial on how to make a specific piece of jewelry, you can make it for practice, to wear yourself or give as a gift. However, you should never sell it.

There are exceptions to that rule. Some designers will clearly state on their designs that they do not mind if others profit from them. Make sure you know before attempting to sell an item, and when in doubt err on the side of caution.

Once you understand these precautionary guidelines, you can begin to work with your silver clay or another type of silver to create the jewelry designs of your dreams. If you are going to work with wire cutters and similar tools, make sure you always wear safety goggles. Sometimes, home crafters overlook these simple safety tips and can end up paying for it down the road with injuries and trips to the emergency room.

In Closing…

Continue to acquaint yourself with the latest techniques and tools as you learn more about the craft. You will find that making silver jewelry can be an incredibly rewarding endeavor. Not only is it a fantastic artistic outlet, you will have the opportunity to financially benefit from your efforts as well if you choose!

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Industry News – The Jewelry Industry Strikes Back!

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Industry News – The Jewelry Industry Strikes Back!

When it comes to latest news in industry, it certainly does not come as a surprise that jewelry has been made in large industries and in large quantities for more than a half of century for certain. Still, tend to believe that quality made jewelry from the shop of a professional jewelry maker will have been specialized in jewelry. That being said, it becomes increasingly difficult to say whether a piece of jewelry is unique and to guarantee its background.

How Is Jewelry Really Made?

The majority of jewelry nowadays is certainly made in industry, which is to say that it has an industrial background. Even when it comes to jewelry which is made of precious material, it all so usually has an industrial background. This is particularly true for a jewelry which is affordable, and a lot less likely to happen in instances when a piece of jewelry cost a lot of money. In other words, rarity and uniqueness definitely have a role is the price of a piece of jewelry, especially in pieces which had been made of precious and semiprecious material, and a lot less likely with pieces of jewelry that have been made with other material such as metal and wood, or leather.

Why People Have The Need To Wear Jewelry?

ca010ba0c8bd4bdThere is an innate need for people to wear jewelry in order to express their individuality. In other words, people tend to wear a lot of jewelry in order to express their creativity, but also to express their social standing, belonging to a social group, or their marital status. In other words, jewelry is used as a symbol of something else. It is a materialized representation of what you will feel on the inside. This, of course have been so for centuries, but only recently jewelry is not made by hand exclusively at rather it is made in industry through an industrial process.

Jewelry Throughout History

Even people in the Iron Age had made jewelry for themselves in order to exemplify their social status, but also to express their creativity, to show their craftsmanship, and ultimately to improve their image in the society they belong to. Jewelry has been in passed on, jewelry has value to it, it is also often used as a source of income in situations when people have no resources. This is why jewelry has more than just a symbolic meaning to it, it have multiple meanings and uses, but more importantly the jewelry from the path which is discovered today shows us that people have always had the need for all of these things.


Why Materials Are Important?

Well, it is pretty simple to understand that the type of material which a piece of jewelry is made of is really important when it comes to determining how long this piece of jewelry will last. Jewelry that had been made from quality material is expected to last longer, whereas other pieces of jewelry might be destroyed over the course of time.


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Jewelry Directory – How Jewelry And Industry Are Interconnected

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Jewelry Directory – How Jewelry And Industry Are Interconnected

Have you ever wondered how jewelry and industry can be interconnected? Well, a lot of people still believe that jewelry is made by craftsmen and professionals, all are trained to make specialized pieces of jewelry. While this might be the case with certain jewelry pieces, certainly the industry is a lot larger than an individual. Whether it is made of precious, semiprecious or other materials, in this day and age jewelry has become an industry. It is the no longer a carefully crafted piece of jewelry, it comes from an assembly line. This is why the majority of people have started to really appreciate jewelry that had been made by craftsmen and jewelry which is unique. Still, this kind of jewelry it’s really difficult to find. This is precisely why it has gained a reputation as something which is desirable and valuable.

What Kind Of Jewelry Can You Expect From An Industry?
24-POD-IndiaInk-blog480The very point of industrial revolution is to make it easier on an individual to produce a certain product. The jewelry which is made on an industrial level is not necessarily of less quality made materials, but it is certainly not as unique as the jewelry which had been made by an individual craftsmen or a professional. In addition to that, even though that jewelry which is made in industries have also been designed by jewelry designers, still people expect to gain something unique from a piece of jewelry rather than something which has been reproduced several million times.
Why Are People On The Lookout For Original Pieces?
ce94f29d52f5d3c1ad9274b57b59daa9So, the next question we can ask ourselves is why people are so preoccupied with being unique and individual. There is nothing wrong with wearing jewelry that come from an industry, it is not of any less quality made materials or made without absolute creativity, still people want to have original pieces for themselves. In the way they are expressing their concern for being unique and individual. But, in addition to that, it is also a symbol of your social background and it reflects your social status. In other words, if you have significant amount of money you will be able to opt for an original piece of jewelry for yourself or for someone you love. In addition to that, we must also mention jewelry which is made of materials which are not at all precious, but jewelry its self is unique. What happens here is that people are placing more emphasis on jewelry be unique and supporting the individuality rather than exemplifying the social status. In this way, it can also be said that you will really is not just the way in which you will be able to say whether a person has a certain social banking, but you can also use it as the way to learn more about their personalities. This is why jewelry is something which is really personal.

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Weird jewelry cleaning tricks you must know about!

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Weird jewelry cleaning tricks you must know about!

We all love jewelry, and silver and gold have that classic feel while still being elegant and showy. But, what happens when silver starts getting those awful dark stains or gold starts losing its shine? Fear no more, we bring you some perfect jewelry cleaning advice so you may never have to worry about such unpleasant moments ever again.

Everybody knows that beer has amazing effect on us, people, but who knew that it is actually great for other things, too? After being proven great hair care product, beer continues to deliver great performance as the jewelry cleaner. Golden beer for any rubbinggolden jewelry, without pearls or any stones, mind you! Just get some beer on the dry, clean cloth and rub your golden jewelry with it. Then rinse it off and you are done! Great thing about beer cleaning is that there is no need for mixing and making cleaning potions, just open the bottle, pour some on the cloth and clean away. And you get to drink the rest that you didn’t get to use! It’s a win-win situation.

Club soda

Cleaning-Jewelry-galsmagContinuing this fiesta in style, if you’re not a beer guy or gal, cocktails might be your thing? If so, then you must have some club soda laying around. And the great news is that, yes – you can use it to clean your jewelry!  This time, it’s for your precious gem stones – blue sapphires, red rubies, diamonds, emeralds etc. Beauty of this cleaning trick is that it is also very simple – pour a glass of club soda on the rocks, rocks being your precious gems, and leave it there for a night! Enjoy the results in the morning!


Continuing in the fun manner, we are moving on into the kitchen! Open the fridge and you are bound to find some ketchup there. And this is all you need in order to clean those pesky silver stains. Yes, it actually works! Tomato is known for having strong acidic properties and this applies to ketchup, too. Smear some ketchup on your silverware or jewelry and for the hard to reach nicks take an old brush and dab it in. Don’t leave it there for too long since it may eventually damage the silver, but if done correctly it will give your metal a full shine! Rinse it off with cold water and dry cloth and you are done.



Not really food or drink, but certainly something you have laying around your home – toothpaste is perfect for cleaning diamond jewelry like earrings or rings. If you noticed your diamonds aren’t sparkling like they used to, get to the bathroom, take an old tooth brush and start brushing your diamonds for a change. The results will amaze you when your gems start shining like never before! Rinse off the residual paste and dry it off with a clean towel to prevent water damage on metal. Hope you like it!

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Amazing hacks for cleaning your jewelry at home!

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Amazing hacks for cleaning your jewelry at home!

Even though precious metal and jewelry are long lasting and shiny by nature, their sparkle can be effected by the elements such is dust or oils our skin is producing while we wear them. In order to clean the jewelry, many people pay expensive cleaning services in order to remove the stains from silver and gold and return their original look, but did you know you could do it yourself? Yes, you can do it, no expensive chemicals or complicated procedures – just good old do it yourself.


picufj5dmThere are million and one uses for the good old sodium-bicarbonate, from teeth whitening to odor killing. But, you can also use it to clean your jewelry if it ever starts looking dull and without a shine. Just pour some of the powder in a glass bowl filled with with room temperature water and mix it until it melts. Then just drop your jewelry and wait for the magic. The same can be done with Alka-Seltzer tablets!

Tin foil and detergent

Cleaning-Silver-Jewelry-with-Tin-FoilWho would have thought that you can actually replicate the ion exchange chemical process in your home using only tin foil and some laundry detergent? For this, you will need a bowl and some tin foil to envelop it with. Then, you should fill it with hot water and add one spoon of detergent. Make sure it is the powder kind not liquid and make sure it has no bleach since it could harm your jewelry. Now, take your silver or gold jewelry and soak it in for a minute. Then take it out and rinse it well. Viola! The magic is done. The same trick will also work with silverware and sterling plates.


Ways to clean jewelry at home2This popular chemical is often used in households for cleaning, but did you know it can bring back the shine in your gold and silver jewelry? Mix warm water and ammonia in 2:1 ratio depending on the amount needed and soak your silver or gold trinkets for ten minutes and look how the shine is coming back to them! The abrasive properties of ammonia will take away all the dirt and stains, leaving your metal shiny like new. Be careful with it, ammonia is strong chemical and while it can’t damage your metal it can harm the surface of more delicate materials like pearls in your jewelry.

Baking soda

aid1413232-728px-Clean-Sterling-Silver-with-Baking-Soda-and-Aluminum-Step-2-Version-2We told you sodium has got million uses in the house. Here is another awesome one for silver tarnish! Make a paste like the one they use in the jewelry stores mixing quarter of the cup of baking soda with two spoons of water. Mix it until it’s thick enough to apply on a sponge and then start polishing your silver jewelry or silverware. After you gently rub off any stains, rinse it with water and then dry carefully. If it’s gold you are cleaning – mix baking soda with vinegar and rinse. There you have it, easy and fast!

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