How recycled plastic clothes is changing the world and the industry

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How recycled plastic clothes is changing the world and the industry

Every year, we as a species, are doing more and more in our efforts to save the planet earth, make a world a better place to live and make our lives better. This movement of ecological thinking has started growing strong a few decades ago and it is now effecting almost every industry we know and with it – the world. One of the good trends that we are looking into developing even more is recycling plastic. Plastic, as a material, takes far too long time to naturally decompose, and as such, presents a great source of environmental hazard. It effects the living ecosystems and the process of creating more plastic consumes even more energy emits even more toxic fumes and fluids.
In order to put this to minimum companies like Nike and Quicksilver, global sized clothes manufacturers are including recycled plastic into their clothes! But, how do they actually do it? How is recycled plastic made into clothes?

7-TruffleWell, it all starts with you recycling, separating plastic into special bins that then get sent to the recycling facilities. There, the raw plastic in its many forms is being compressed and shredded into tiny flakes. Then, the flakes are packed into pallets and transferred into the next facility for the next stage of recycling. There, these pallets, shredded to fine flakes for easier handling are melted down and spun into a yarn, with this material now being called polyester. After this – the process is similar to the regular clothes fabrication with any other kind of yarn.

b3b841ecf045ffb9e87fdd653aa2442fYarn is being spun into different kinds of polyester fiber that then goes out to create versatile pieces of clothes. Polyester jackets, wind suits, running pants, shoes, caps, gloves and many other things are made from recycled plastic and you might never even notice it. This way, the cost of production is reduced, the amount of plastic wasted is minimized and the energy consumption for the entire process is now more efficient. This means smaller gas bills and cleaner air. Everybody wins, which is another reason for you to recycle and for the big companies to include recycling into their fabrication process.

tumblr_n3pqyst4lS1rn6ug5o1_400These numbers are pretty high on the global level and show the trend of better awareness and conservation spirit or at least smart business thinking that utilizes the economy of ecology. Only one textile company – Unifi has reported turning incredible 4 billion plastic bottles into recycled plastic and polyester yarn making countless pieces of clothes while saving our planet in the process. Examples such as this one are not the lone incidents but a hopeful global trend in the making. It shows that economy and ecology can coexist and that it is actually beneficial for big businesses to pay attention to things like recycling since it can benefit them in multiple ways.

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Toilet revolution!

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Toilet revolution!

Toilets, sewage systems and general hygiene is something that is not getting enough attention on the global scale, considering how much of a problem it is for billions of people around the world. The chance to have a hygienic day to day routine is something people in the first world countries take for granted, and usually think about only when they go camping, but for billions of people in countries like India, this is daily reality.

This problem was the basic idea for the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation contest Reinvent the Toilet Challenge which will provide the research grant for the “Nano Membrane Toilet”. The contest rules state that the toilet must be self-sustained – meaning it doesn’t rely on water since many people don’t have access to running water to begin with. It should also be stand-alone device since areas hit by this problem usually don’t have sewage system. NMT is a great choice since it covers the challenge rules perfectly and even goes beyond that.

nano-1024x1024Designed as a multy-compartment unit, this toilet should have a system that separates water from solid waste, purifies water, utilizes solid waste to create energy for purification and the rest can be used for charging the phones or similar small devices. Starting with the top bowl, once it is filled and the lid is pulled down it will get its content inside the first compartment where the solid waste will drop down as it is heavier, leaving the water above. The water will then be absorbed by the nano filters in the process of condensation and the result should be clean water, clean enough to be used as technical water – good for washing or irrigation. The energy for this process will come from solid waste combustion. This step will be done after the solid waste is dried and separated and its gasses burned to produce energy.

Burning manure for energy is not a new system, but it has never been used in this fashion and the early designs for the toilet are looking good. Not only does it provide a closed system for waste disposal, but it also creates extra energy, which is often needed in the areas affected by the waste disposal troubles.


20140613_150203The NMT has received the grant from the Gates foundation and it is currently in the development stage. Early talks are talking about the product testing in the UK, with the starting business model targeting people that might use them in their vacation houses, next to boats and other remote places where such device is needed.  After that, it is planned for the patent to see the global market and roll out in the places needed the most. This could mean drastic changes for millions of people that fight this very problem every day. With it, it could take away problem of unsanitary diseases that take millions of live every day and create an unhealthy life environment for so many people.

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Weird jewelry cleaning tricks you must know about!

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Weird jewelry cleaning tricks you must know about!

We all love jewelry, and silver and gold have that classic feel while still being elegant and showy. But, what happens when silver starts getting those awful dark stains or gold starts losing its shine? Fear no more, we bring you some perfect jewelry cleaning advice so you may never have to worry about such unpleasant moments ever again.

Everybody knows that beer has amazing effect on us, people, but who knew that it is actually great for other things, too? After being proven great hair care product, beer continues to deliver great performance as the jewelry cleaner. Golden beer for any rubbinggolden jewelry, without pearls or any stones, mind you! Just get some beer on the dry, clean cloth and rub your golden jewelry with it. Then rinse it off and you are done! Great thing about beer cleaning is that there is no need for mixing and making cleaning potions, just open the bottle, pour some on the cloth and clean away. And you get to drink the rest that you didn’t get to use! It’s a win-win situation.

Club soda

Cleaning-Jewelry-galsmagContinuing this fiesta in style, if you’re not a beer guy or gal, cocktails might be your thing? If so, then you must have some club soda laying around. And the great news is that, yes – you can use it to clean your jewelry!  This time, it’s for your precious gem stones – blue sapphires, red rubies, diamonds, emeralds etc. Beauty of this cleaning trick is that it is also very simple – pour a glass of club soda on the rocks, rocks being your precious gems, and leave it there for a night! Enjoy the results in the morning!


Continuing in the fun manner, we are moving on into the kitchen! Open the fridge and you are bound to find some ketchup there. And this is all you need in order to clean those pesky silver stains. Yes, it actually works! Tomato is known for having strong acidic properties and this applies to ketchup, too. Smear some ketchup on your silverware or jewelry and for the hard to reach nicks take an old brush and dab it in. Don’t leave it there for too long since it may eventually damage the silver, but if done correctly it will give your metal a full shine! Rinse it off with cold water and dry cloth and you are done.



Not really food or drink, but certainly something you have laying around your home – toothpaste is perfect for cleaning diamond jewelry like earrings or rings. If you noticed your diamonds aren’t sparkling like they used to, get to the bathroom, take an old tooth brush and start brushing your diamonds for a change. The results will amaze you when your gems start shining like never before! Rinse off the residual paste and dry it off with a clean towel to prevent water damage on metal. Hope you like it!

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Amazing hacks for cleaning your jewelry at home!

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Amazing hacks for cleaning your jewelry at home!

Even though precious metal and jewelry are long lasting and shiny by nature, their sparkle can be effected by the elements such is dust or oils our skin is producing while we wear them. In order to clean the jewelry, many people pay expensive cleaning services in order to remove the stains from silver and gold and return their original look, but did you know you could do it yourself? Yes, you can do it, no expensive chemicals or complicated procedures – just good old do it yourself.


picufj5dmThere are million and one uses for the good old sodium-bicarbonate, from teeth whitening to odor killing. But, you can also use it to clean your jewelry if it ever starts looking dull and without a shine. Just pour some of the powder in a glass bowl filled with with room temperature water and mix it until it melts. Then just drop your jewelry and wait for the magic. The same can be done with Alka-Seltzer tablets!

Tin foil and detergent

Cleaning-Silver-Jewelry-with-Tin-FoilWho would have thought that you can actually replicate the ion exchange chemical process in your home using only tin foil and some laundry detergent? For this, you will need a bowl and some tin foil to envelop it with. Then, you should fill it with hot water and add one spoon of detergent. Make sure it is the powder kind not liquid and make sure it has no bleach since it could harm your jewelry. Now, take your silver or gold jewelry and soak it in for a minute. Then take it out and rinse it well. Viola! The magic is done. The same trick will also work with silverware and sterling plates.


Ways to clean jewelry at home2This popular chemical is often used in households for cleaning, but did you know it can bring back the shine in your gold and silver jewelry? Mix warm water and ammonia in 2:1 ratio depending on the amount needed and soak your silver or gold trinkets for ten minutes and look how the shine is coming back to them! The abrasive properties of ammonia will take away all the dirt and stains, leaving your metal shiny like new. Be careful with it, ammonia is strong chemical and while it can’t damage your metal it can harm the surface of more delicate materials like pearls in your jewelry.

Baking soda

aid1413232-728px-Clean-Sterling-Silver-with-Baking-Soda-and-Aluminum-Step-2-Version-2We told you sodium has got million uses in the house. Here is another awesome one for silver tarnish! Make a paste like the one they use in the jewelry stores mixing quarter of the cup of baking soda with two spoons of water. Mix it until it’s thick enough to apply on a sponge and then start polishing your silver jewelry or silverware. After you gently rub off any stains, rinse it with water and then dry carefully. If it’s gold you are cleaning – mix baking soda with vinegar and rinse. There you have it, easy and fast!

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