Amazing hacks for cleaning your jewelry at home!

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Amazing hacks for cleaning your jewelry at home!

Even though precious metal and jewelry are long lasting and shiny by nature, their sparkle can be effected by the elements such is dust or oils our skin is producing while we wear them. In order to clean the jewelry, many people pay expensive cleaning services in order to remove the stains from silver and gold and return their original look, but did you know you could do it yourself? Yes, you can do it, no expensive chemicals or complicated procedures – just good old do it yourself.


picufj5dmThere are million and one uses for the good old sodium-bicarbonate, from teeth whitening to odor killing. But, you can also use it to clean your jewelry if it ever starts looking dull and without a shine. Just pour some of the powder in a glass bowl filled with with room temperature water and mix it until it melts. Then just drop your jewelry and wait for the magic. The same can be done with Alka-Seltzer tablets!

Tin foil and detergent

Cleaning-Silver-Jewelry-with-Tin-FoilWho would have thought that you can actually replicate the ion exchange chemical process in your home using only tin foil and some laundry detergent? For this, you will need a bowl and some tin foil to envelop it with. Then, you should fill it with hot water and add one spoon of detergent. Make sure it is the powder kind not liquid and make sure it has no bleach since it could harm your jewelry. Now, take your silver or gold jewelry and soak it in for a minute. Then take it out and rinse it well. Viola! The magic is done. The same trick will also work with silverware and sterling plates.


Ways to clean jewelry at home2This popular chemical is often used in households for cleaning, but did you know it can bring back the shine in your gold and silver jewelry? Mix warm water and ammonia in 2:1 ratio depending on the amount needed and soak your silver or gold trinkets for ten minutes and look how the shine is coming back to them! The abrasive properties of ammonia will take away all the dirt and stains, leaving your metal shiny like new. Be careful with it, ammonia is strong chemical and while it can’t damage your metal it can harm the surface of more delicate materials like pearls in your jewelry.

Baking soda

aid1413232-728px-Clean-Sterling-Silver-with-Baking-Soda-and-Aluminum-Step-2-Version-2We told you sodium has got million uses in the house. Here is another awesome one for silver tarnish! Make a paste like the one they use in the jewelry stores mixing quarter of the cup of baking soda with two spoons of water. Mix it until it’s thick enough to apply on a sponge and then start polishing your silver jewelry or silverware. After you gently rub off any stains, rinse it with water and then dry carefully. If it’s gold you are cleaning – mix baking soda with vinegar and rinse. There you have it, easy and fast!

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