Weird jewelry cleaning tricks you must know about!

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Weird jewelry cleaning tricks you must know about!

We all love jewelry, and silver and gold have that classic feel while still being elegant and showy. But, what happens when silver starts getting those awful dark stains or gold starts losing its shine? Fear no more, we bring you some perfect jewelry cleaning advice so you may never have to worry about such unpleasant moments ever again.

Everybody knows that beer has amazing effect on us, people, but who knew that it is actually great for other things, too? After being proven great hair care product, beer continues to deliver great performance as the jewelry cleaner. Golden beer for any rubbinggolden jewelry, without pearls or any stones, mind you! Just get some beer on the dry, clean cloth and rub your golden jewelry with it. Then rinse it off and you are done! Great thing about beer cleaning is that there is no need for mixing and making cleaning potions, just open the bottle, pour some on the cloth and clean away. And you get to drink the rest that you didn’t get to use! It’s a win-win situation.

Club soda

Cleaning-Jewelry-galsmagContinuing this fiesta in style, if you’re not a beer guy or gal, cocktails might be your thing? If so, then you must have some club soda laying around. And the great news is that, yes – you can use it to clean your jewelry!  This time, it’s for your precious gem stones – blue sapphires, red rubies, diamonds, emeralds etc. Beauty of this cleaning trick is that it is also very simple – pour a glass of club soda on the rocks, rocks being your precious gems, and leave it there for a night! Enjoy the results in the morning!


Continuing in the fun manner, we are moving on into the kitchen! Open the fridge and you are bound to find some ketchup there. And this is all you need in order to clean those pesky silver stains. Yes, it actually works! Tomato is known for having strong acidic properties and this applies to ketchup, too. Smear some ketchup on your silverware or jewelry and for the hard to reach nicks take an old brush and dab it in. Don’t leave it there for too long since it may eventually damage the silver, but if done correctly it will give your metal a full shine! Rinse it off with cold water and dry cloth and you are done.



Not really food or drink, but certainly something you have laying around your home – toothpaste is perfect for cleaning diamond jewelry like earrings or rings. If you noticed your diamonds aren’t sparkling like they used to, get to the bathroom, take an old tooth brush and start brushing your diamonds for a change. The results will amaze you when your gems start shining like never before! Rinse off the residual paste and dry it off with a clean towel to prevent water damage on metal. Hope you like it!

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